Emotional Release Weight Loss

with Virtual Gastric Band

Now also available as a recorded program to use at home

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I see a lot of clients who are healthy eaters and exercise daily, but their body is just not shifting the weight. There are many reasons why a body may choose to stay bigger including emotions, past history or trauma, just being stuck.

Most clients are frustrated and have just had enough!

I have worked with hundreds of people to find out what is truly going on behind the scenes, working from within.

This is Not a Diet!

This program enables the client to form new habits which they can maintain without any deprivation.

The Virtual Gastric Band

The Virtual Gastric Band is fitted, which allows the client to be able to eat smaller portions, eat consciously and have new healthier habits.

Mind/body Re-connection

Advanced Hypnotherapy techniques to reconnect the mind and body, allowing the client to feel sensations like 'full' again.

Emotional Eating

Work on the emotional connections to food, and what is really happening when we crave things like sugar.

This is NOT a diet, yes we have healthy guidelines to follow and hypnosis reduces the food intake, but clearing out all the stuff that's going on underneath makes it so much easier. I will not give you advice or tell you what to eat, as you already know what is good for your body. To be able to have one piece of chocolate or a biscuit and enjoy it without guilt, is something that my clients absolutely love!! AND they still lose weight!

The Emotional Release Weight Loss Programme is a FIVE week program that can be done Online via Zoom, or In Person - Rotorua (Please note, Justine has a waiting list for In person clients so please contact immediately to check availability).

The First Session is roughly 1.5hrs. In this session I learn about you and your needs, we clear any reasons why the body may want to hold weight plus do a hypnotherapy session to get ready for the following week. The second session is The Virtual Gastric Band Session which takes roughly 1 hour. As I view each client as unique, the following sessions are really guided by you. I do always have a plan in mind, but because weight gain and food issues have so many parts, we will work on what ever is needed. Some will want exercise, healthier eating, anxiety work, sleep, relationship help, self work. What ever is needed, we try to work on to get the best results for you.

The cost of the process is paid individually per session. The first session is $280 and following sessions are $190 per session.

This is paid prior to the session, and the details are sent our via email.

The program Includes an App which you download onto your phone which has 10 recordings on it for you to listen to if you choose.

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The Virtual Gastric Band Program is also available

as a set of recordings for $199

Listen in your own Time

The recordings are available on the Soundwise app which is Downloaded to your phone

Three Weeks of Recordings

For three weeks, you will receive new recordings, including The Virtual Gastric Band session in week two.

Can listen as many times as you choose

The recordings will be available for 12 months and can be downloaded onto your Soundwise App. New recordings are also added from time to time

*Please note, these recordings do not work on the Emotional Reasons the body may be holding weight. This needs to be done in person with one of the skilled Hypnotherapists at Thoughtworx. It can be combined so one session in person and then the recordings following.

If you would like to add on the One session of Emotional Work with the recording set, fill in the contact form.