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Justine Lette 
Thoughtworx Hypnotherapy is owned by Internationally recognised Hypnotherapist  Justine Lette.

Justine has a passion for creating permanent change in clients and also is an International Hypnotherapy trainer, owning Hypnosis New Zealand (New Zealand's largest training and support Hypnotherapy organisation).

Justine has created two different protocols taught to hypnotherapists around the globe including The Emotional Release Weight loss protocol with Gastric Band and The Golden Thread Somatic Hypnotherapy Protocol.  This is Somatic style of Hypnotherapy that uses advanced  techniques to assist in releasing trauma and bring about a change in perception with clients.

Justine is passionate about on going education bringing the best techniques to New Zealand to share with her pupils and her clients.
Here is a list of her trainings and achievements related to Hypnotherapy.

Director and Trainer of Hypnosis New Zealand
ICBCH International Certification Board Certified Hypnosis Trainer
The Simpson Protocol NZ Trainer
Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute Trainer
International Hypnosis Association IHA Certified Hypnotherapist
Profound Somnambolism Trainer
Creator of The HNZ Emotional Release Weightloss Protocol
Creator of The Golden Thread Somatic Hypnotherapy Protocol

Certificated Simpson Protocol Practitioner
Best Practices of Dave Elman Training
HNZ Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certified Profound Somnambolism Practitioner
OldPain2go Practitioner
Drain the Pain Practitioner
QHHT Level One Certificate
HeartMath Certified Practitioner
Goulding Sleeptalk training
The Ultimate Hypnotherapist System with Helen Mitas
Hypnofit Certified Hypnotherapist
Modified Rewind and Physical Timeline training with Clive Girdham
Sheila Grangers Virtual Gastric Band with Jason Linett
IBS Hypnosis Protocol with Pellen and Palmer
Sheila Granger Trainings inc. Hypnotherapy & Depression
Reg Blackwood Rational approach to Hypnotism
The Awareness and Resolution Process with Mark D Lakowske
Level 1 Presentation Skills for Hypnotherapists with Vicky Santiago
Past Life Regression Training with Dawn Grace Kelly
Past Life Regression Level 2 with Dawn Grace Kelly
Past Life Regression with Dr Brian Weiss
Emotional Intelligence with Positive Psychology
QuitSuccess Tobacco Cessation Specialist
Medical Hypnosis Training, Stress Management and Meditation with Dr Richard Nongard
Sleep Disorders, Insomnia, and Better Rest Hypnosis - Dr Richard Nongard
IBS Relief Series with Dr Richard Nongard
The Master Key Programme NLP & Hypnosis with Terri Messenger
Hypno-Oncology with Gary Coles
Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology Science of Healing Energy 2

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